about us

The eachanoriginal story

eachanoriginal DESIGN COMPANY was established in 2000 with the goal to provide a quality, fun, unique, playful and whimsical HAND MADE in CANADA magnet line.

Offering women artists the flexibility to work from their homes doing something creative was also an integral part of the vision. Together the diverse painting styles culminated in the uniqueness of each magnet, thus making “each an original.”

Fourteen years later, here we are today.

The eachanoriginal Team

Christine Pinette – owner and designer

Claire Turner – as master painter, Claire has had a hand in training all of our painters as well as herself. She also does most of our graphic work and is our web designer.  

“Painting magnets is meditation for me… the deliberate act of trying to make each tile more beautiful than the last indulges my perfectionist tendencies in a wonderful way. The satisfaction and sense of pride and delight in creating these little works of art is a source of joy … I am forever in love with our product!”

Willie and John – our retired couple who attach magnet to all the tiles we paint. We can’t even begin to calculate the number of tiles that have passed through their hands. Yikes!!

Marcella – an amazingly talented and modest painter. She paints ALL of the hearts, flowers, stars, snowflakes, cats and dogs etc. … WOW!

“When I walk into a store and see an eachanoriginal display, I am proud to be part of the creative team that put it together.”

Kim – is the most prolific painter on our team. She turns out letters with a meticulous and exceptional ability to “clone” any sample she is given.

Martha – the newest member of our team, Martha is responsible for packaging all of our finished product. She is QUALITY CONTROL and a whole bunch more.

There have been so many other women who have contributed to eachanoriginal over the years…

We thank and heartUall them all.

Angie, Anna, Ann, Cathy, Chelsea, Cheryl, Christine, Gay, Hayley, Inez, Irene, Julie, Kate, Katy, Kelly, Linda, Litti, Marty, Meghan, Michelle, Molly, Nicole, Nina, Patricia, Polly, Rosalyn, Selena, Shannon, Shauna, Sheila, Shelly, Susan, Tanya, Tara, Tina P, Tina S, Zoe . . .