how to order

Interested in retailing eachanoriginal handpainted products? Here is all of our ordering information and frequently asked questions :


New customers should view our Product Catalogues and then view our Merchandisers to see which of our Starter Programs will suit you best and then place your order.

Existing customers can view our latest Product Catalogues to find product numbers.

To place an order or request pricing:

  1. Complete the Wholesale Request Form in the right sidebar.
  2. Orders can be placed in the Message area.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent along with pricing information and answers to any questions you may have posed in the message section of the form.
  4. The ordering process will be completed through
    Phone: (800) 490-9445
    Fax: (250) 979-1629


Alternatively, customers can visit
our online shopping cart store at


METHOD: We use Canada Post and USPS for all of our shipments. Shipping is based on a % of the net invoice amount. All orders ship from our office in Canada.

CUSTOMS & DUTIES: There are no customs or duty charges applied to orders shipped within Canada or to the USA.

TIME LENGTH: NEW ORDERS – 7-14 days REORDERS – 4-7 days from date we receive the order (as long there is no customized product which could delay shipment).


Visa or Mastercard is required before we will ship any orders. Payment will not be processed until the day your order is shipped.


Eachanorginal takes every measure possible to ensure the privacy of your personal information. At no time will we share any unauthorized information.